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Jesus did the dirty jobs

“Jesus Did The Dirty Jobs”


Recently someone asked me,


“Could you imagine the King of Kings washing your feet?”


That is something to think about isn’t it? Especially when you consider the context of feet washing in their day. It was one of the most menial tasks for the servant who got all the jobs no one else wanted to do. People’s main mode of travel was walking. Some would have donkeys, camels or horses, but most could not afford them, so they walked. They did not have nice paved sidewalks to walk along; it was dry dusty roads often covered by dung from the wealthier travelers’ donkeys, camels and horses. The nasty dust and dirt from the roads would cling to the sweaty feet of the travelers. Keep in mind that they did not wear Nike shoes with comfy socks to absorb the sweat.


It was so important to have their feet washed. Especially as you consider how they sat for dinner. They did not sit at dinner tables with high chairs like we have today. They would sit on the floor at lower tables so their feet would be right next to the guest next to them. How nasty that would be to not have your feet washed. This is the context and setting when Jesus, the King of Kings, took the opportunity to show his disciples the heart of a true servant. How powerfully humbling that would have been. Smelling the nasty sweaty feet as you sat down to eat dinner and knowing that you were too prideful to humble yourself to serve. And then Jesus, the King of Kings, washing their feet one by one. Wow! Jesus was secure enough to serve. It says in John 13:3-5,


“Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power, and that he had come from God and was returning to God; 4 so he got up from the meal, took off his outer clothing, and wrapped a towel around his waist. 5 After that, he poured water into a basin and began to wash his disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel that was wrapped around him.”


Jesus was secure enough in his identity to stoop down and do the most menial task, wash feet. When we think about the “dirty” jobs or jobs we feel are not important what comes to mind? Serving in the nursery or preschool at church? Volunteering to show up to property workday or work all week at Vacation Bible School? Cleaning the restrooms? How about the “dirty jobs” at home? Loving your wife by cleaning the bathroom or doing the dishes? Helping your son or daughter with that art project? Taking out the trash without being reminded too?


We need to follow in Christ’s footsteps and know who we are in him and commit to a lifestyle of servant hood. Those who desire to be great in the kingdom of God will voluntarily choose to be a servant and will look out for the interest of others. Many of us say we want to be like Jesus. However, when we say this, do we have in mind that Jesus did the dirty jobs?



Looking forward to a great 2012!

Hello everyone, I hope you’re having a great 2012!

As you can see, I only blog on “even” years. So, look forward to hearing from me from time to time this year about life and ministry.

Our 2012 vision this year for the High 5 Children’s Ministry is simple:

To connect the body of Christ at Westmore RELATIONALY and with RESPONSIBILITY so we may better serve Christ, His church and reach our community.

Luke chapter ten teaches us some amazing truths about ministry that we can see modeled from the life of Jesus himself. First of all in verse one we read how Jesus sent the disciples out two by two. He has called us to PARTNER in ministry. As we partner in ministry, we connect with others in the body of Christ relationally and with a shared responsibility. Partnering this way puts us into a good position to serve joyfully and avoid the burn out so many in ministry experience.

Secondly, we see the importance of PRAYER. Luke 10:2 Jesus says to pray for laborers to enter the harvest. It’s important to lift up one another in prayer and encourage one another to step up and serve in some way. Prayer not only connects us in our relationship with God, it is through prayer that God is able to connect us with others and bring about divine providence in our lives to accomplish His purpose through us.

Lastly, we should PRAISE God as we experience what He is doing in our lives and through our lives for His kingdom. In Luke ten verse seventeen and twenty one we can see that not only do we rejoice as we serve God together, Jesus himself is filled with the joy of the Holy Spirit as we do His work on the earth today.

So, get out there and get involved in your home church. Partner in ministry, pray for the harvest and praise God. Serve the Lord by serving others. Your 2012 can be the best year ever as you connect relationally and with responsibility within the body of Christ!


Chris Knipp